Is the problem on the inside?

We might recommend an interior waterproofing solution for a few reasons: if we cannot access the area from the outside, if the problem is caused by hydro-static pressure instead of a foundation leak, and simply because it may be the most cost effective solution. 

When someone says “basement” and you instantly think of a damp and smelly space – then you might have a problem with moisture in your basement. If you notice your basement is moist or musty, you should call us right away. Here is why:

  • If your wet basement is due to hydro-static pressure, then it’s never going away. Every time there is precipitation, the ground gets wet, and so does your basement.
  • Small leaks will keep the area damp until you take care of it and if you don’t, this can lead to issues like mold. Mold is extremely dangerous for living conditions as it can contribute to dangerous illness.
  • Your basement is part of your home, and should be a welcoming, usable space. Treating the interior with waterproofing solutions will get rid of that damp sensation and bad smell, leaving you with a clean, dry space.

    When working inside your home, we are extra cautious. This is your space, and we aim to be out of there as soon as we can, leaving it in better shape than when we arrived. There are several solutions when treating from inside the home. Regardless of the process, our technicians ensure we clean up after ourselves. Our Interior Waterproofing packages start from just $70.

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Please keep in mind that interior waterproofing is a procedure that needs to be handled by trained professionals. There are quite a bit of DIY options, however if all steps are not completed with absolute precision, the whole process can be useless and needing to be redone. Please consult a certified technician before attempting these yourself. Keep in mind that we provide free estimates for completely professional work that gives you a lifetime warranty so you will never have to worry about leaks again.

Interior basement waterproofing can include installation of drains and pipes under the basement floor around the perimeter of the room. This will allow for water to flow outward and away from your home.

Clean the affected area

Clean the affected area and prepare for the waterproofing application.

Repair foundation

Fill the cracks with cement and make sure all possible areas are covered.

Install Delta Membrane

Once the foundation leaks are confirmed to be fixed, we install a Delta membrane which helps redirect any water that may leak to the weeping tile.

Gravel installation

Cover the weeping tile area with gravel. This allows better water flow towards the weeping tile.

Concrete Installation

Concrete is installed over the gravel and weeping tile area creating a clean professional water extraction system.

Weeping tile connection

Weeping tile is installed and connected to a drain system. If you have a sump pump installed, this will be connected to the system to assure efficiency.

Drill holes to help water extraction

Additionally small holes are drilled on the side to help more water to escaped and prevent it from reaching your basement.

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