Preparing exterior fouundation for crack repair

Why Choose Exterior Waterproofing?


Water coming into the basement can be a serious issue that can take a toll on you both financially and emotionally.  What begins as a small basement leak can lead to much larger problems down the road so it is necessary to have it taken care of as soon as you take notice.  Water will degrade the foundation of your home over time, leading to structural problems.  It can give your home a damp, musty and unpleasant odor.  Also, the moisture can eventually lead to mold and mildew growth which is unhealthy for you and your family.  Furthermore, you could end up with basement flooding, destroying many of your furnishings and possessions.  Flooding is becoming increasingly more common due to the climate change, creating more intense storms.

Exterior waterproofing is a solution involving a series of protective coatings, membrane, weeping tile and crack repair that is proven to be extremely effective.  It is the method that we at Waterpro Master, prefer to use whenever possible.

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So, what are the benefits of exterior waterproofing? We will list them all below!

  1. Exterior waterproofing stops the root of the problem. Although interior waterproofing is still a very good option, it only protects the inside of the home.  With exterior waterproofing, you are preventing water from coming into contact with the exterior walls, protecting them and thereby protecting the inside as well.
  2. Protects structural integrity. Over time water will damage the exterior walls of the foundation.  Water will cause erosion to occur and cracking in the walls to appear which will continuously become worse the longer it is left.  Eventually the structural integrity can be compromised and the home can become unsafe.
  3. Protects against dampness and mold growth. Basements are very susceptible to dampness and are an ideal place for mold growth to occur.  Mold infestations can be extremely difficult to eradicate.  They often need to be handled by a professional and can be very costly. Mold can be dangerous to have in your home, especially for people who already suffer from respiratory diseases.  As well as being unhealthy, mold can also destroy many items in your home.
  4. Allows for greater basement usability. When you have a basement that has moisture issues the usability of that space is greatly diminished.  If your basement is damp, it becomes unwelcoming and even unhealthy.  Being able to turn the basement into usable space is important to many homeowners as it allows for extra square footage without having to move or add an addition.  Having a basement that is safe and dry gives you a lot of possibilities such as using it for office space, a recreation room, storage or even an apartment.
  5. Increases the value of your property. Exterior waterproofing has a great return on investment.  Homes that have water damage and are prone to leaks will lose value and can be very difficult to sell.  Exterior waterproofing shows that the home is taken care of, is safeguarded against wet basement problems and the home will immediately appreciate in value.
  6. Long-lasting solution. When exterior waterproofing is done properly by an experienced professional, it will last for many years to come.  WaterPro Master offers 25 years warranty on all exterior waterproofing jobs.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to having your home protected by exterior waterproofing.  WaterPro Master are true experts and we guarantee full satisfaction with our work.  You no longer will need to worry about your leaky basement and all the additional problems that come with it. Call us today for a free estimation! Every home is unique, we will do a full inspection and design the best exterior waterproofing solution for you.

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