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A new concrete floor in your basement will keep your space well insulated and dry, while bringing down your heating costs. It will even increase the property value of your home. Not all concrete is made the same. There are different types and strengths when it comes to concrete flooring. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable and will happily recommend an appropriate strength concrete mix for your home. We guarantee maximum longevity and the highest quality when it comes to our work and products we use. Also, we strongly recommend following up your new concrete floor with our waterproofing services.

Cracks in your foundation are a whole different ball game! It’s natural for some hairline cracks to occur as your foundation settles or as a result of changes in weather. However, serious cracks require professional intervention. A structural crack, possibly one of the worst kinds, will require immediate attention. A structural crack refers to when your foundation walls feel uneven, or when any visible foundation cracks run approximate 1/4 inch or wider. You may also be seeing horizontal cracks on your foundation floor. These types are problematic as they occur when your basement wall is unable to handle the pressure from outer elements.

Cracked foundations and new concrete floors seem like they come with large price tags. Although in some cases this is true, it is important to note that the longer a foundation remains cracked and crumbling, the more damage is does. Naturally, the more the damage, the more it costs to repair. If dealt with early on, your cracks may simply be filled with Epoxy Crack Injections. However, if the damage is significantly higher, we may need to bring in a licensed Engineer and heavy machinery to make your home safe again. Needless to say, it’s best to call us right away. We have fast response times and an experienced staff.

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There are different types of strengths when it comes to concrete floors. We install appropriate strength concrete and mixes for your home to assure maximum longevity and quality of project. 

Some structural cracks in your foundation may require an engineer to assess and direst the repairs.

If you notice that your doorways or windows are no longer properly aligned, you may have a bad foundation.

Cracks in your foundation can compromise the safety of your entire structure, and should not be taken lightly.

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