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An option for homeowners who want to add extra square footage to their homes, particularly appealing as real estate values around the GTA continues to rise, is underpinning the basement.

With rising real estate prices, some of us don’t want to buy a new home. Creating additional square footage in the existing home starts to make more sense. Not all basements are built equally. Maybe all you have currently is a crawl space and you need more headroom to make the space usable. Underpinning, or lowering the basement floor is the only way to give you the height you desire in the basement.

We also come across cases in older homes where the foundation has degraded or was poorly built. There has often been slippage in the land that the current footing is built on. Also, we see homes where renovations were done on the floors above and there is extra weight on the home’s foundation. Underpinning will reinforce the existing foundation, making the home essentially safer to live in.

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It’s a complicated process, and it will be disruptive for everyone involved, but the return-on-investment will be substantial.

What is underpinning? It’s an industry term referring to the process of lowering the basement of the home. As a result, home owners are left with a basement with enough ceiling height, which can be used as additional space for the family, or even rented out for additional income.

As you can deduce, this isn’t a job for amateurs. It requires expertise and precision. It requires workers who are accredited and insured. It’s vital to determine the right excavation levels for the home. It’s critical to know the footing arrangement and the plans and details for moving or extending load-bearing walls. It goes without saying that underpinning done incorrectly can be dangerous and dire for those who live in the home.

Our technicians will dig under the existing foundation and add a new concrete footing extension to the basement perimeter, and finish off with a new concrete floor slab. We conduct every project with the required inspections and engineering reports. City inspections are free, but engineer reports are an additional cost. Reports may be required at the sole discretion of the city inspector.

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