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Regular maintenance of a sewer system is highly recommended to avoid blockages. Sewer pipes carry waste water out of your home from several outlets like your toilets, sinks, laundry machines, shower, etc. A blockage in these sewer pipes can be catastrophic for home owners. Blockages can be caused by many factors. Some common causes are grease build-up, a ‘belly’ forming in your pipes where a portion of the pipe sinks below the rest of the line, collapsed drains, and frozen pipes. Properties with many trees are at a higher risk as the growing roots from aged trees can break in to the sewer lines.

If you notice water buildup or a foul smell around your drainage, your sewage system is likely backed up, or not operating efficiently. Regular maintenance of your sewage pipes can prevent major damage, which come at a higher price tag to fix. 

We recommend adding a drainage check up to your annual home maintenance. Many of our customers remind themselves to call us for maintenance when there’s a time change, or when they replace the batteries in their smoke detectors. This type of home maintenance is just as important.

Our technicians will arrive with the required equipment to conduct a sewer camera inspection. We also snake your pipes, which essentially involves us inserting the appropriate snake into the pipes to remove any blockages of hair, soap or grease build up. There are a variety of snakes, each appropriate for different types of drain pipes and internal traps. Not all snakes are equal and cannot be used in every situation. In fact, some snakes can actually end up causing more damage if used incorrectly. Luckily, our expert licensed technicians have the know how to use the appropriate tools when on the job. Call us today for a free estimate. We assure you, we offer maximum efficiency at affordable costs for all Toronto, Toronto and surroinding GTA residents.

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