Waterproofing the outside before the problems make their way in!

If you have a crack in your foundation and water is seeping into your basement,  exterior basement waterproofing can be a very good solution. This method of waterproofing consists of digging the ground around the perimeter of your home, fixing source of the leak, and protecting that particular wall or the whole property using industry leading leak prevention products like Aqua Bloc and Delta membranes. 

Our professional certified technicians pride themselves on providing a clean and complete service. Ground excavation is no small feat, but where our technician are concerned, the job will be done right every single time. The area on the exterior of your home is left absolutely clean as if nothing was ever touched. More importantly, we finish the job and get out of your way as fast as possible. We recognize that any form of construction in your home is inconvenient; this is why once we start a job, we allot all of our available resources to ensure it is completed in a timely manner.

Still unsure about Water Pro Master Corp? Well, it will please you to know that we issue a Lifetime Warranty on all our exterior waterproofing jobs. Not only do we solve any immediate problems related to water entering your basement, this Warranty Certificate assures home owners that their basements will be void of leaks in the future. Our exterior waterproofing packages start as low as $80.

We stand behind our work at any cost: your home will leak free for life, Guaranteed!

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Process of Exterior Waterproofing

If the soil around the house becomes too soft, water will make its way toward the foundation of your home. Most foundations on newer homes is concrete, which is a porous material. Prolonged existence of water around your concrete foundation may cause the water to penetrate right through and enter your home.

Now, because the water has already made its way through the walls, there is no way to stop further damage, besides a complete waterproofing application. Below are the steps we take to assure you that the leaks will stop for ever:

  1. Excavate the affected area and remove all the damp and wet soil.
  2. Thoroughly clean the exterior walls in order to identify and repair any cracks with parging.
  3. Apply Aqua-bloc, which is an extreme rubberized water/moisture protection.
  4. A Yellow jacket mesh is then applied, which assists in achieving stronger protection against the elements.
  5. Aqua-bloc rubberized protection is reapplied a second time.
  6. After confirming proper application and testing the effectiveness of the previous barriers, a Delta membrane is then installed,
  7. Apply a molding to prevent any debris from entering the barriers.
  8. Gravel is then added for protection of the systems and filtration.
  9. Weeping tiles are also installed if needed to carry out the water to a drain or outside to prevent future water buildup.
  10. New soil is used and compressed to ensure no damp or soft soil surrounds the the exterior walls.
  11. Quality control is done to make sure all processes have been completed effectively and qualify for the lifetime warranty.

    This may seem like a lot, and it is. But following all these steps is how we can ensure our lifetime guarantee of no future leaks in your home.

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