Major Causes of Sewage Backup

Nobody ever thinks about sever unless something goes wrong. Sever is one of the most important parts of your home, yet most ignored. As a result, often issues arise such as a clogged kitchen sink or trouble flushing the toilet. Drainage issues typically arise when sewer lines get clogged which prevents wastewater from flowing through drainage pipes. Drainage issues can be a huge nuisance and sewer backup is the worst nightmare for homeowners. Sewer takes wastewater away from your home which carries a risk of spreading diseases. This filthy, smelly water contains contaminants and viruses that can cause diseases. You may not take it seriously but a sewer is a complex system that handles every drop of water- from toilet flush to faucets. Besides taking away water, it also collects soap, shampoo, grease, hair strands, laundry detergent, and other waste material that enters the drain. Together all these materials keep accumulating and eventually clog the pipes, resulting in sewer backup.

What Causes Sewer Backup?

As mentioned above, sewer backup occurs when the sewage system gets overloaded. Clogs and blockage in the system can push wastewater backward in the home. This problem can happen in the toilet, bathtub drain, or basement. Sewer backup not only causes property damage but also poses a health risk. To fix this issue, it’s important to identify the exact cause of your backup. So, if you’re dealing with sewer backup Toronto, here are some causes of this problem. Professional sewer experts identify the cause to troubleshoot the problem.

Clogged Drains

The main cause of sewer backup is clogged pipes that push back wastewater. Sewer lines often get clogged due to various reasons. If you notice a backup with every flush in your toilet, it’s possibly because there’s a blockage in your main sewer line. The problem occurs because people treat their toilets as garbage bins. They flush non-flushable items like diapers, wet wipes, napkins, and other materials. Also pouring grease and fibrous food down the drain can cause blockage.

Tree Roots Blockage

Sewer lines could also get blocked if trees and other plants grow inside. Tree roots are a major cause of blocked sewer lines. When trees start growing, the drains underground can get cracked. Strong tree roots can get wrapped and crush the pipes. When tree roots penetrate pipes, you might notice issues like slow-flowing drains or gurgling sounds. The moment you notice these issues make sure to get them fixed before the root spread to your pipes and causes severe blockage.

Old or Damaged Sewer Pipes

Sewer backup is a common problem in older homes. If your house is old, possibly the drains and pipes have deteriorated. Over the years, buildings get exposed to earth movement and encounter issues like insufficient ground support. All these factors can damage pipes and even root starts growing that punctures pipes. Moreover, older homes have clay or cast iron pipes that are vulnerable to damage. Corrosion can also eat away pipes or heavy rainfall could wreak havoc on your sewer system.

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